Da Vinci Connect offers a wide array of resources for parent educators, including instructional support materials (print and digital), and other resources around project-based learning, compassionate communication, field trip ideas, work journals, and much more. Many of these resources are available on the Da Vinci Connect Parent Educator Resource Site.

In addition, Da Vinci Connect hosts Workshops, Parent Educator Conferences, and Speaker Series throughout the year to support parent educators. Topics have included: Reading Strategies, Algebraic Thinking in the Early Grades, Executive Functioning Skills for Students, Supporting Children to Become More Proactive, Social Emotional Learning for Our Kids, and much more.  Da Vinci Connect recently opened a Parent Center on campus which is a one-stop-shop for collaborating with other parents, enjoying workshops on a variety of topics, accessing curriculum materials and resources, and gathering for Pastries with the Principal, Donuts with the Dean, Coffee with the Counselor, and more. t’s a great place to support and connect with each other throughout the year!