A Homeschool Hybrid? Does it really work?

I really appreciate the communication and support my kids get at DV Connect — the trust they get from their teachers to explore and be autonomous.

We are often asked, “So how do you know that this works?” Our honest answer is that we don’t know if this program will work for every single student and family that we meet–and that’s because we know that there isn’t a school program in existence that works for everyone, all the time. What we do know is that our program works for a wide variety of children and families!

Here’s What Our DV Connect Parents and Students Have to Say…

  • 99% of students feel safe at school all the time or most most of the time
  • 98% of families report that Da Vinci Connect creates a compassionate and caring learning community
  • 93% of students receive personal attention and individualized learning
  • 88% of students report they have excellent or very good relationships with teachers overall
  • 88% of parents rank the development of their child’s communication and presentation skills as excellent or very good
  • An overall 4.67 staff score out of 5 when rating recommending DV employment to a friend or colleague

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