In the past 10 years, Del Aire has had over 25% of our curb-side trees cut down and not replaced!   In a recent meeting the Del Aire Neighborhood Association had with the Department of Public Works, we got a commitment from the Department to plant here in the Fall, BUT, we need YOUR HELP!

  • On *Tues August 8th5:30PM-8PMwe will do a neighborhood community walk to spread the word and help our eligible neighbors get FREE trees!  We need walking volunteers so we can cover the entire neighborhood!!
  • We will meet at the Del Aire park at 5:30PM, provide talking points, fliers, and maps, and then walk the neighborhood.
  • If you want to HELP & be on the TREE COMMITTEE, please email usLocal students can get volunteer hours and help us build this campaign. 

This will DRAMATICALLY Change how our neighborhood looks for the next 100 years but we must work together.    


Residents with open street-side space can fill out this short form stating that they want a curbside tree.  We are currently working with the County to identify non messy , fast growing trees for our area, such as the Brisbane Box tree– that you can request by putting a comment in the comment section.


The attached map/picture shows where SOME of the tree vacancies are located.

Jessica Daugherty, President

Del Aire Neighborhood Association 

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