Volunteer Opportunity in Del Aire Neighborhood!

In the past 10 years, Del Aire has had over 25% of our curb-side trees cut down and not replaced!   In a recent meeting the Del Aire Neighborhood Association had with the Department of Public Works, we got a commitment from the Department to plant here in the Fall, BUT, we need YOUR HELP!

  • On *Tues August 8th5:30PM-8PMwe will do a neighborhood community walk to spread the word and help our eligible neighbors get FREE trees!  We need walking volunteers so we can cover the entire neighborhood!!
  • We will meet at the Del Aire park at 5:30PM, provide talking points, fliers, and maps, and then walk the neighborhood.
  • If you want to HELP & be on the TREE COMMITTEE, please email usLocal students can get volunteer hours and help us build this campaign. 

This will DRAMATICALLY Change how our neighborhood looks for the next 100 years but we must work together.    


Residents with open street-side space can fill out this short form stating that they want a curbside tree.  We are currently working with the County to identify non messy , fast growing trees for our area, such as the Brisbane Box tree– that you can request by putting a comment in the comment section.


The attached map/picture shows where SOME of the tree vacancies are located.

Jessica Daugherty, President

Del Aire Neighborhood Association 

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Staffing Update

Hi Da Vinci Connect Families,

We hope this message finds you well! We wanted to share a quick and important staffing update with you before the last day(s) of school!

It is bittersweet that we share that Sage, our current Assistant Principal, has accepted a new role as Program Specialist in our Central Office. He will be helping to build and strengthen Special Education programs across all Da Vinci Schools. Sage is so grateful and proud of his work here at Connect, especially his work to include and celebrate our students’ intersecting identities and learning modalities. We as a community will continue to benefit from Sage’s gifts and areas of expertise, and wish him the best of luck in this new role! We are sad that he won’t live on our campus day to day, but we will continue to feel gratitude for the impact he has made.

We are excited to share that we have found our new Assistant Principal within the walls of our own community–we are thrilled to share that our very own Robin Brown has accepted the position of Assistant Principal starting in Fall 2023! Robin joined Da Vinci in our third year of operation, and will lead with a strong foundation of who we are and what is important to our community. Please join us in congratulating both Sage and Robin in these new roles!

Finally, we would also like to share that we are saying “see you soon” to another long-standing staff member in our community, Kelly Ann Sassone. Her family is re-locating and about to begin a brand new adventure. While we are excited for what is to come in this next step of their journey, we are sad that Kelly Ann will no longer be a Core 1 teacher–where she has spent over 10 years welcoming our youngest learners to the Da Vinci Connect Family. Her years of dedication and expertise will continue to impact our community for years to come. Thank you, Kelly Ann!

While we look for the just-right teachers to join Core 1 and Core 2, please know that our community is very well equipped for this transition–we embrace change and believe that change can bring beautiful new opportunities–even when it feels hard.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Kaitlin directly. We look forward to continuing  this journey with you into the 2023-2024 school year and beyond!

With Gratitude,

The Team at Da Vinci Connect

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STEAM Carnival TODAY 3pm-5pm!

Hi Connect Families!

We hope to see you at the STEAM Carnival TODAY on the Connect campus from 3pm-5pm! There are SO many activities and experiences planned–we can’t wait to explore and play with you!


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Parent Educator Conference Today!

Good Morning Families!

We are excited to see you at our Parent Educator Conference this morning! The schedule has been updated, and for those who may be joining from home, each session has been updated to include a zoom link for joining virtually! Workshops who do not have a zoom link included will share recordings after the conference.

Find everything you need HERE


We are grateful for this opportunity to learn alongside you!



The Team at Da Vinci Connect

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STEAM Carnival *postponed*!

Hello Da Vinci Connect K8 Families,

The Planning Committee for our upcoming STEAM Carnival has decided to postpone this event due to rain in the forecast. We are looking forward to celebrating and having a beautiful STEAM event in the sunshine once we return from Spring Break.

The proposed new date is April 12th from 3pm-5pm. We can’t wait to play and explore with you!


The Parent Educator Conference THIS Wednesday is still on, rain or shine! We hope to see you there!

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Critical Conversations Speaker Series in partnership with New Roads Schools: Mary Helen Immordo-Yang

Hello Da Vinci Connect K8 Families,

There is another opportunity for professional learning happening tomorrow through Da Vinci Schools’ partnership with New Roads School in their Critical Conversations Speaker Series–tomorrow is a conversation with Mary Helen Immordo-Yang on “Humanizing Learning: We Only Think Deeply About Things We Care About” happening THIS Thursday (3/9/23) evening at 5:00pm over zoom!

Register to attend HERE! We realize that the Willows Talk coincides with this event, and we are hopeful that we will be able to share a recording at a later date.

Enjoy Your Week!

The Team at Da Vinci Connect

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Willows Community School In- Person Speakers Series with Dr. Lisa Damour on The Emotional Lives of Teenagers!

Hellow Connect K8 Families,
Please see information below directly from The Willows Community School Website:
Dr. Lisa Damour–In-Person–The Emotional Lives of Teenagers
In-person event with:
Dr. Lisa Damour, Clinical Psychologist, the New York Times bestselling author of Untangled and Under Pressure, New York Times Monthly Columnist & CBS News Contributor

Speaking on the topic of her new book
The Emotional Lives of Teenagers: Raising Connected, Capable, and Compassionate Adolescents (released on February 21, 2023)
Wednesday, March 8, 2023
7 – 8:30 PM
In-person event followed by a Q & A and Book Signing

Dr. Damour presents this urgently needed guide to help parents understand their teenagers’ intense and often fraught emotional lives—and how to support them through this critical developmental stage.
In teenagers, powerful emotions come with the territory. And with so many of today’s teens contending with academic pressure, social media stress, worries about the future, and concerns about their own mental health, it’s easy for them—and their parents—to feel anxious and overwhelmed. But it doesn’t have to be that way.
Dr. Damour gives parents the concrete, practical information they need to steady their teens through the bumpy yet transformational journey into adulthood.
Enjoy Your Week,
The Team at Da Vinci Connect
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Da Vinci Schools Priority Enrollment Application Deadline is TODAY!

Da Vinci’s 2023-2024 School Year New Student Application is open to all students interested in attending Da Vinci Schools: DV Connect TK – 8, Da Vinci Connect High, Da Vinci Communications, Da Vinci Design and Da Vinci Science.  THE PRIORITY APPLICATION DEADLINE IS TODAY — FEBRUARY 28TH, 2023 at 11:59PM.


The Da Vinci 2023-2024 New Student Application can be found at www.davincischools.org under the Enrollment tab.  You can also click here and it will take you directly to the 2023-2024 New Student Application.

If you have specific questions about Da Vinci Connect TK-8 or Da Vinci Connect High enrollment, please contact Ebony Bobadilla at ebobadilla@davincischools.org or she can be reached by phone at (310) 725-5800 x5104.

If you have specific questions about Da Vinci RISE High enrollment, please contact Christian Navarro at cnavarro@davincischools.org or he can be reached by phone at (424) 241-2197. Da Vinci RISE High enrolls throughout the year.

**Please note** Current TK-8 families do NOT need to submit an application for continued enrollment at Connect TK-8–a re-enrollment process will take place in the Spring.

Please tell your friends and family and do not hesitate to call or email if you have any questions along the way.


The Enrollment Team at Da Vinci Schools

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FREE Access to Mental Health resources for teens through Kaiser Permanente!

Hi Da Vinci Connect Families!

We want you to know about the important resources below for parents through Kaiser that are available to everyone even if you’re not a KP member! These are also virtual offerings.


  • Anxious to Calm Teen –  (4 classes ) The goal of this series is to help increase your understanding of anxiety and learn strategies to help reorient thinking, take action, and make lasting positive change.


  • Understanding Depression Teen (4 classes) The goal of this series is to help increase your understanding of depression and learn strategies to help reorient thinking, take behavioral action, and make lasting positive changes.


  • Understanding ADHD for Parents: (1 class) The goal of this class is to help increase your understanding of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in children. You will learn what is ADHD, common myths about ADHD, types of treatment, and valuable resources.


Find out more here: https://thrive.kaiserpermanente.org/care-near-you/southern-california/mental-wellness/


Please take advantage of these resources and share widely with your communities.


Emily Green, Director of Health Services, RN, PhD


Phone: 310-725-5800, ext 1039

Fax: 310-356-3224


Rapid Covid tests are available at school sites during school hours, no appt needed. Students register for testing here

Home Covid Tests are available at school sites during school hours, please request from health office/front office.

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