Hello Da Vinci Connect K8 Families,

You received an e-mail from Jacob Diaz yesterday, Monday 8/30/21, asking you to sign and submit your child(ren)’s Independent Study Enrollment Agreement for the 2021-2022 School Year. This document is a requirement for enrollment at Da Vinci Connect as mandated by Independent Study State Law–it is vital that both you and your student read and sign this document ASAP!

It is imperative that:

  1. Students MUST sign for themselves regardless of their age. It must be very clear to our auditors that parents nor teachers signed for them. For our youngest students, it is okay if the signature does not look like their name.
  2. Signatures are easiest on tablets or phones where a finger or stylus can be used. If you are on a laptop or desktop, it is okay if your child’s signature is “the best they can do.”
  3. The Independent Study Enrollment Agreement must be submitted for each enrolled student. You should receive one per each student, if you have multiple students enrolled with us.


We are asking that you sign the Connect Independent Study Enrollment Agreement NO LATER THAN Friday 9/3/21.


Thank you for helping us maintain our compliance with the state!



The Team at Da Vinci Connect