Good Morning DV Connect Families,

I know that nothing I share will heal the trauma of hearing yesterday’s news about the tragedy in Texas. It wont stop the heartache, the fear, or the anger. As parents, caregivers, friends, and members of our community, we are all shattered by the news and the reminder that schools aren’t always a safe place for our staff and our children.

I want you to know that your child(ren)’s safety will always be our highest priority. I want you to know that we have a strong internal Emergency Preparedness plan in place, and are glad to have the support of our security team, including our own safety officer, Rene. I also want you to know that one of our biggest preventative efforts regarding student safety is a wide and consistent staff presence on campus, where we know, greet, and check in with every single student who steps foot on our campus. Our kids are seen and known by their peers and adults in this community.

We recognize that our community will process this information and the aftermath of yesterday’s shooting in different ways. As you process your own grief and trauma, and prepare to support your family and your children,  I thought the best way that I can immediately support is to provide you resources to take care of yourselves and your people in the coming days:

  • If you or anyone in your family feel like speaking with a professional counselor, Nydia or I can connect you through Care Solace
  • This article from the Child Mind Institute provides resources for helping children cope with frightening news
  • The National Association of School Psychologists provides this resource for grownups talking to children about violence, including two helpful infographics
  • I also want to share that I’ve provided our staff This link and these tips to support them and their ability to support our students should they need
  • I am available to hold space for anyone who would like to speak 1:1 to listen, answer any questions, or just sit in community together

Oftentimes, taking action and memorializing in moments where we feel helpless can help us heal. I would love to work with anyone interested to brainstorm ideas on how our community can do something to memorialize the victims, take action against gun violence, etc. Feel free to reach out to me individually.

Holding space for everyone in our community and everyone in community at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas <3

Take Good Care and Hug Your Babies,